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What is the quality level of the musical instruments? offers top quality professional musical instruments for the serious musician. The instruments will last for many years given proper care. Wood used in the instruments has been chosen due to its ability to resist cracking due to humidity changes. Some instruments are easier to learn to play than others, so are suitable for a student or beginner player. Some instruments are just fun to play at any level. We also offer instructional materials (books, CD-ROM and video products) to help you learn how to play specific instruments.



Where do the musical instruments come from?


Musical instruments are made in various locations including Canada, Africa, Armenia, India, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Taiwan, Germany and the USA as indicated in the product description. Instruments are hand made by skilled craftsmen whose families have created the same types of instruments for generations. Instruments made outside of the USA are imported and stored in warehouses located throughout the United States. Your order may ship from multiple warehouses.



Aren't the best quality instruments made in the country from which the instrument originated?


Many musical instruments have evolved from their original form to be easier to play and to last longer. For example, rosewood is used because it resists cracking and splitting, resulting in an instrument with longer life. The craft of making musical instruments by hand is well-developed in many countries other than the country where the instrument originated. Often the tradition of making instruments is handed down through the generations, which results in high quality production of specific types of instruments. The craftsmen making bagpipes only make bagpipes. The craftsmen making sitars only make sitars. We are confident that you will enjoy your instrument while you are learning and for a very long time as you develop proficiency. Some types of instruments from may seem low priced compared to other sources. People ask why our bagpipes cost less - we offer good value in all instruments for beginners through professional musicians.