Welcome to our exciting collection of musical instruments for children. These items are musical instruments first, then toys. These musical toys support early music programs for kindergartens, schools, music therapy, and for musical activities at home. These kids instruments are built for easy handling by children, yet have professional music-making features to produce great musical sounds. Musical toys make great gifts that encourage individual expression and develop our future music makers!

     Child Drums

Child drums are built to fit the child drummer and made strong to support handling by children. Child drums include kids djembes, kid bongos, kids congas, childrens frame drums, kids cajons, and tambourines for children.

     Childrens Tambourines

Childrens tambourines are constructed with smooth rounded edges to keep young hands from harm. Durable and sized to fit a child's small hands, these tambourines are great for toddlers through elementary school age children.

     Kids Percussion

Kids percussion instruments are scaled to fit the hands of children. Children's instruments are also made to meet the demands of early childhood music programs and kids music therapy programs. Safe and fun for use by children age 4 through elementary school age children. Rhythm activies can be used with individual children, in small groups, or in family fun activities.