Many types of instruments are classified as percussion instruments. This section includes bells, cymbals, gong, handheld percussion items such as castanets, maracas, and rain stick as well as belly dance accessories.


A variety of bells are presented which are both decorative and functional handheld percussion instruments. Bells are also used to adorn costumes.

     Belly Dance Accessories

Belly dancing, although an older dance form, enjoys much popularity today and is a great form of exercise and entertainment. Belly dance accessories are offered in brass, nickeled, and mixed. Also included is a sword, balanced for dancing.


Castanets are percussion instruments of indefinite pitch that are either clicked rhythmically or sounded in a sustained roll. In Europe the castanets are primarily a dance instrument associated with flamenco in Spain. Orchestral castanets are attached to a handle. The player shakes the handle, striking the shells on the free hand.


The caxixi is a Brazilian percussion instrument, made of a hand woven closed basket (with a dried gourd as a base) containing seeds or particles.  The caxixi is a great way to accompany the berimbau or any other ethnic musical instrument.


Chimes are a great addition to the percussion section of any musical ensemble. Bar chimes by Meinl and energy chimes are featured here.


A mainstay in samba, Chocalhos are jingle sticks mounted in a frame.


Cymbals are percussion instruments commonly used in orchestras and as part of drum kits in most types of bands. The following types of cymbals are included:  china cymbals, crash cymbals, hi-hat cymbals, ride cymbals, and splash cymbals.

     Egg Shakers

Get a nice percussion rhythm with wooden egg shakers, also called chick shake eggs.  Available with a handle or without to fit in the palm of your hand.

     Finger Cymbals and Zills

Finger Cymbals are held by hand and tapped or rapped together to create a clashing sound. The larger the cymbal, the lounder and more intense the sound. Finger cymbals or zills are typically played by dancers while dancing.


Everyone enjoys the sound of the gong. The gong can be featured on a stand or hung from a cord. The gong makes a beautiful decor piece. We feature Chinese gongs (Wing Gongs, Chao Gongs, Bao Gongs) and Tibetan Gongs. Having trouble choosing which gong to buy?  Listen to the Wind Gongs, Chao Gongs and Bao Gongs.

     Gong Beaters

Gong beaters are specifically designed for use with gongs.  These gong beaters have thick handles and a heavily padded striking area.

     Gong Stands

Standing and hanging gong stands are available for various gong sizes. Gong stands are made of wood or metal - choose the gong stand design that matches your decor!

     Handheld Percussion

The handheld percussion category encompasses a unique group of small percussion instruments ranging from the familiar sleigh bells and triangle to the lesser known agogo, kalimba and shakere. These small percussion instruments can be played to accompany music or just for fun. They make great gifts!

     Kalimba Thumb Piano

The Kalimba, or thumb piano, originates in Africa. It is also known as the mbira or likembe. Metal keys are mounted on a wooden box that acts as the resonating chamber. To play the kalimba, hold the thumb piano between the palms of both hands. Several reeds or tines are plucked with the thumb or fingers, and the reed vibrations are amplified by a hollow box resonator or a sounding board. The thumb piano may be tuned to your personal preference. The longer keys have lower pitches and shorter keys have higher pitches. The keys can be adjusted by tapping them in or out to adjust their length, and therefore their pitch.


The kokinko is a small percussion instrument that makes a clacking sound.  It can be clacked slowly or rapidly to add percussion accents to any music. 


Maracas are hollow gourds or hollow wood filled with seeds, used to produce a rattle sound. Maracas are used in Latin American dance music, shaken to provide the rhythms.

     Rain Stick

Nothing is as soothing as the sound of gently falling rain, as emulated by the rainstick. A section of bamboo is filled with seeds or pellets which create the rain sound as the rain stick is turned over. Synthetic rain sticks are also available.


The shakere is a handheld percussion instrument made from a hollowed out gourd, covered with beads or seeds.  It is not necessarily shaken - the beaded area rests in the palm of one hand while the other hand twists the gourd, making a swishing sound.  You will be surprised by the loud sound of the shakere.

     Singing Bowls

Singing bowls originated in Asia and are considered to be in the bell family of musical instruments. The rim of the singing bowl is struck or rubbed with a mallet which can be padded or made of wood. Singing bowls have a variety of uses: meditation, relaxation, well-being, attention-getting, and personal well being. Singing bowls are used by health care professionals, teachers, musicians and individuals.


Keep the beat and carry a tune with Xylopones, Glockenspiels, and Metallophones.