banjira Sur Bahar
banjira Sur Bahar SURB made in India

banjira Sur Bahar

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60" long bass sitar made in Lucknow, India. Double toomba, 7 main strings, fully carved. Includes case. Special deliver, must have address and phone number for truck delivery. Decorations and colors will vary. These are all individually made and will be unique.Tuning for the Sur Bahar:1st string D #, Steel, gauge 0.0148"2 nd string Bb or B, Brass or Copper, gauge 0.017"3 rd string F, Brass or Copper, gauge 0.022"4 th string Bb, Brass or Copper, gauge 0.028" 5 th string F, Steel, gauge 0.0148"6th string Bb, Steel, gauge 0.0108"7 th string Bb, Steel, gauge 0.0108"Taraf strings:Tuned Chromatically, Steel, gauge 0.009"

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