banjira Sarod Fiberglass Case
banjira Sarod Fiberglass Case SARF made in India

banjira Sarod Fiberglass Case

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The padding inside the case is approximately 1 inch thick. The inside length is approximately 46 inches. The inside width at the bowl is approximately 12 inches. The inside width at the top of pegs is approximately 7 1/2, the bottom of the peg box approximately 8 1/2.The inside depth is approximately 8 inches. The actual weight is between 13 & 14 pounds.The approximate outside dimensions of case shell are: length 49 1/2 inches; width of the bowl 14 1/4 inches; width of the peg area 10 1/4 inches. This case comes with a carrying handle on top, a strap at the peg end and wheels at the bowl end. In addition to the lock and two latches there is also a securing strap to ensure the closure of the case.

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