banjira Nut and Bolt Dholak
banjira Nut and Bolt Dholak DHNBD made in India

banjira Nut and Bolt Dholak

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Two-headed wooden dholak drum that is shaped like a barrel with a tenor and bass head. Drum is held horizontally and played on both sides. Heads are held in place and tuned by nuts and bolts. Nuts can be tuned with a standard wrench, included.In India, these extremely popular percussion instruments are commonly used in folk music and during marriage ceremonies. Made in New Delhi by skilled craftsmen.Please Note: These drums are handmade and each one is unique so the drums and drum heads will vary in size.Item Specifications:Item Dimensions: 10" L x 17.5" H x 10" W. Playing Surface: Tenor: 6.5 inches and Bass: 8.25 inches. Body: Stained wooden shell with linear etching and a metal handle. Heads: Drum heads are made from goatskin. The dholak's higher-pitched tenor head is a simple membrane, while the bass head, usually played with the left hand, has a load inside that is a mixture of tar, clay and sand (dholak masala) which lowers the pitch and provides a well-defined tone. Both heads are tucked in a wooden hoop.Tuning: 8 nuts and bolts. Accessories: Tuning wrench

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