banjira Naal, Deluxe, Bolt Tension
banjira Naal, Deluxe, Bolt Tension NALX made in India

banjira Naal, Deluxe, Bolt Tension

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Two-headed wooden deluxe naal drum that is shaped like a barrel with a tenor and bass head. Drum heads are made from goatskin and are held in place and tuned by nuts and bolts. Held horizontally, both heads are played. Nuts can be tuned with a standard wrench, included.In India, these extremely popular percussion instruments are commonly used in folk music and during marriage ceremonies. The shells are manufactured in the Northern Indian State of Uttar Pradesh and made with locally grown neem and rosewood. After transporting to Mumbai, the goat skin heads are fitted to the drum shells with nuts and bolts for tuning. Please Note: These drums are handmade and each one is unique so the drums and drum heads will vary in size.Item Specifications:Item Dimensions: 9.5" L x 21" H x 9.5" W. Playing Surface: Tenor: 5.5 inches and Bass: 8.75 inches. Body: Stained wooden shell with linear etching and 2 colorful bands wrapped around. Includes a hard plastic handle. Heads: Bass: This bass consists of a goatskin head with a braid around the edge. It usually has an internal load that adds depth to the sound. When it is applied in India, this load is a dark green-black gob. The head you receive may have this gob in place. However, for longevity, ease of installation and head sound, we recommend replacing the original gob with a layer of silicone caulk. Tenor: The tenor has a goatskin head with a metal ring stitched around the edge and a black gob, or syahi (pronounced cee-hi) on the outer playing surface. This syahi is a unique combination of organics and iron. Tuning: 8 nuts and bolt. sAccessories: Tuning wrench.

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