banjira Harmonium, Yoga, C2-F4, Deluxe, Red
banjira Harmonium, Yoga, C2-F4, Deluxe, Red HMYCFDR made in India

banjira Harmonium, Yoga, C2-F4, Deluxe, Red

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This harmonium only weighs 19.2 lbs., and the top of case can fold over to close it. The keyboard pops up for playing and can be easily placed in locked-down position for storage and travel. When closed, the height of harmonium is 8 inches and when open with the keyboard popped up, the height is 11.625 inches.  Harmoniums are mainly used as an accompaniment to devotional songs. As with many Indian instruments, the key for the music is selected to best suit the vocals or to set a mood. Although it was invented in France nearly 200 years ago, the harmonium has been extremely popular and strongly embraced by India after it was brought there during the British Occupation. Important Specifications: Item Overall: OPEN: 18 inches (L) X 11.625 inches  (H)X 13.5 inches (W); CLOSED: 18 inches (L) X 8 inches (H)X 13.5 inches (W). Bellows: 6 folds that open on the sides. Body: Painted red all over. Keys: 30 keys (18 white and 12 black). Features: Suit case model. Drones: 3 (4C, 4F, 4G). Air Controls: 4 (#1, #3, #4 control front chamber and #2 controls the back chamber). Knobs: There are 7 knobs all together (4 drones and 3 stops). Number of Octaves: 2.5. Tuned To: A=440 Hz (+-5 cents.) Pitch can vary significantly with changes in temperature, pumping pressure, and number of keys played simultaneously. Front Reed Bank: 2C to 4F. Back Reed Bank: 3C to 5F.

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