TOCA Flex Drum with Strap, Stackable Djembe by Kalani
TOCA Flex Drum with Strap, Stackable Djembe by Kalani TFLEX-11G made in Indonesia

TOCA Flex Drum with Strap, Stackable Djembe by Kalani

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In conjunction with noted educator and percussionist, Kalani, Toca has released its new Flex Drum, a stackable, easy-to-transport community drum, ideal for any interactive drumming event. The Kalani Flex Drum is made entirely of lightweight PVC material and has a removable PVC head, allowing the drum to be stacked with additional flex drums, solving one of the biggest challenges for people who need to transport multiple drums to events. Shipping five or six traditional hand drums can be cumbersome and costly. Toca's new Flex Drums weigh less than six pounds each and can be stacked together and shipped or transported anywhere, economically and easily.The Flex Drum is 23-inches tall and its pre-tuned 11-inch head can be removed and used as a frame drum. The body of the drum can also be used to store other small items, such as shakers or tambourines when traveling to and from gigs. A convenient, adjustable shoulder strap is included, allowing the drum to be played while standing.In addition to being a convenient instrument, it's also a great sounding instrument. As a leader in World Percussion, Toca is proud to work with Kalani and meet the needs of the interactive drumming community.

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