TOCA Cannon Rope Tuned 14" Djembe, K
TOCA Cannon Rope Tuned 14" Djembe, K SFDJ-14KB made in Indonesia

TOCA Cannon Rope Tuned 14" Djembe, K

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Freestyle Djembes are lightweight, durable and offer the same great sound as Toca wood Djembes, with a slightly higher tone. They are the perfect choice for drum circles, percussive gatherings and classrooms because of their durability and portability.Voted Best of Show at NAMM 2007, Toca Djembes are a true show-stopper. A striking, professional quality product, with a wide range of tonal abilities, at a reasonable price - they are the complete package. They have a bigger bowl shape for optimal bass tones, and a lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell with a protective rubber bottom. They are 25" tall and have a 14" goatskin head that produces deep bass tones and intense high tones. Includes matching padded bag with fully adjustable shoulder straps & side pocket.

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