SABINE Zoid Z-1000 Clip-On Tuner by Sabine
SABINE Zoid Z-1000 Clip-On Tuner by Sabine TUNZ made in China

SABINE Zoid Z-1000 Clip-On Tuner by Sabine

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Zoid Z-1000 Clip-On Tuner by Sabine. All the convenience of a clip-on tuner, but this one has that rock-solid Sabine tuning algorithm. Just clip it on to your instrument, and the Zoid instantly displays the note you play. The bright two-color LCD and the high-resolution needle combine to tell you exactly where your note is, and the LCD fires bright green when you are in-tune. Tune with the clip that transfers the note directly to the tuner - great for noisy rooms. Or tune with the built-in mic if you want to share the tuner. Sabine's well-known accuracy gives you confidence in your tuning, and the Zoid lets you tune amazingly fast. This is not a toy - this is a truly professional instrument tuner, backed by Sabine's two-year warranty and unmatched customer service. Automatic note sensing, Chromatic. Clip mode: Senses notes through the clip. Mic mode: Senses notes with built-in mic. LCD with simulated needle display, +/- 50 cents. Flat tune mode, up to four 1/2 steps . Two-color LCD, bright green for in-tune, red for sharp or flat. Manual calibration, 433 - 447 Hz. Big note indicator. Auto-shutoff after 3 minutes with no signal. 6 Octave tuning range (A0-B7) . the clip will open about 1 inch

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