Roosebeck Woodlands Harp TM, 26 Strings
Roosebeck Woodlands Harp TM, 26 Strings HWL26 made in Pakistan

Roosebeck Woodlands Harp TM, 26 Strings

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Woodland's Harp TM, 26 Strings (Item Code: HWL26) Featuring 26 DuPont hard nylon strings, a range from F below Middle C to C above High C, 26 sharpening levers, engraved and inlaid rosewood frame and a solid Spruce soundboard for exceptional sound and strength. Standing on four legs, this harp stands approximately 35.5 inches high. It has a footprint of approximately 18 x 11 inches, the pillar arm is 32 inches long and the tuning arm is approximately 23.5 inches. This harp is decorated with a skillfully hand carved woodland theme. There are stylized branches and leaves entwined on the side panels. On the pillar arm is a mythical flying squirrel clinging to the side of a tree. You can see it perched over the flowers that carpet the forest floor.Accessories Included:Tuning tool Extra string set

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