Roosebeck Oud Hard Case
Roosebeck Oud Hard Case RHCOUD made in Vietnam

Roosebeck Oud Hard Case

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Black vinyl oud hard case with handle that will fit the following Mid-East models: OUDR, OUDRN and OUD6N. Bottom of case has metal feet that raise case and prevent moisture from being absorbed, as well as protect vinyl from floor surface. The textured vinyl surface looks like leather. Has a very soft, plush interior with a removable neck rest. Includes 3 metal hasps to help keep case securely closed and one can be locked with the keys included with item. Has a flat top and sculpted back and does not fit all ouds. Peg compartment is 4.5 inches wide and can only fit ouds with a peg box width of 4.5 inches or less. *Please see sketch below for case measurements

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