Roosebeck Drum Hard Case
Roosebeck Drum Hard Case RHCCD made in Vietnam

Roosebeck Drum Hard Case

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Black vinyl drum hard case with handle that will fit all the Mid-East drums below. The textured vinyl surface looks like leather. Has a very soft, plush interior. Bottom of case has metal feet that raise case and prevent moisture from being absorbed, as well as protect vinyl from floor surface. Includes 3 metal hasps to help keep case securely closed and one can be locked with the keys included with item. *Please see sketch at bottom for other case measurementsWill fit the following Mid-East drums:CDNM series FGD10 seriesMAAD seriesMDE series except for: MDE09, MDE06-MR, MDE06-BK, MDET06-BK and MDET06-MRMAS2 seriesDJM9 seriesMB10SMB10FMB10DMAZ22MAZ22JM10JSMD10SM10JDMD10DM10JFMD10FWDF10SWDF10GWDF10DWDF10FSFDL-9RB

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