Roosebeck Baroque Guitar, Voboam, 5-course, Taylor
Roosebeck Baroque Guitar, Voboam, 5-course, Taylor GBVLAZT made in Pakistan

Roosebeck Baroque Guitar, Voboam, 5-course, Taylor

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This 5-course guitar designed by Zachary Taylor is based on instruments made by Alexandre Voboam, a famous 17th century French Luthier. The body of this model is made out of rosewood with a lace wood strip down the middle of instrument's back. The neck, tuning pegs/levers, nut and bridge are also made out of rosewood, but the soundboard is made out of spruce wood. Two strings are wound nylon and the rest are rectified nylon. There is one sound hole with a decorative rosette that's a laser cut design of multiple layers of rosewood and lace wood. The recommended tuning for instrument is EBGDA, from high to low. It's similar to a normal 6-string guitar minus low E2. Its open note range is E4 to A2. Instrument comes with a hardwood case. Body/Bowl: 17.875 inches in length, 10.5 inches in width and 4 inches heightNeck at Nut: 1.9 inches in widthNeck at Body Joint: 2.32 inches in widthNut: 1.9 inches in widthScale Length: 26 inchesFrets: 8 nylon and 4 rosewood

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