Roosebeck 7-Course Travel Lute, Rosewood
Roosebeck 7-Course Travel Lute, Rosewood LTT7R made in Pakistan

Roosebeck 7-Course Travel Lute, Rosewood

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The rosewood travel lute has a body made of eleven solid rosewood staves, a rosewood neck and rosewood fingerboard. The peg box is solid rosewood attached at an angle of 135 degrees to reduce the depth of the instrument. The tuning pegs and end pin are rosewood. The soundboard is made out of European spruce. There are eight nylon frets and four rosewood frets. The recommended tuning is G2 G3 A2 A3 D3 D4 G3 G3 B3 B3 E4 E4 A4 (Gg Aa dd' gg bb e'e' a'). A nylon gig bag is included. Materials: Neck: RosewoodFingerboard: RosewoodPeg Box: RosewoodBridge: RosewoodSoundboard: SpruceSoundboard Bracing: SpruceNut: RosewoodTuning Pegs: RosewoodDimensions: Scale Length: 572mmOverall dimensions: 800mm length, 230mm width, and 152mm depthNut Width: 190mmWeight: Approximately Without Gig Bag: 0.79 kg or 1.75 pounds.Weight: Approximately With Gig Bag: 1.36 kg or 3 pounds.

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