Mid-East Whirlwinds Drumming DVD by Daveed Korup
Mid-East Whirlwinds Drumming DVD by Daveed Korup VDWW made in USA

Mid-East Whirlwinds Drumming DVD by Daveed Korup

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Whirlwinds- the Tao te drum sessions is a melding of two unique video shoots: the first at the Columbia Music Festival Association Studio in late 2001 (that's Columbia South Carolina); and the second was in October 2005 in an old church, turned recording studio in Pittsburg PA. A rhythmical odyssey within the revolving sphere of improvisational percussive conversation. Counting rhythms for many folks is kind of like someone taking their fingernails and scratching a chalkboard. It can grate on you when you don't have the confidence. The confidence comes from the doing. It's not that hard, but it does require some active participation to succeed. When I started teaching almost twenty years ago, I was focused on traditional Middle Eastern dumbek. Today, I am exploring a wider range of percussion expressions. Thus, Tao Te Drum was developed. The magic of fusing dance with music opens the door to limitless possibilities in communicating the wonder of life's little mysteries. A philosophy and approach to hand drumming, the Tao Te Drum guided my work for over twenty years. You are invited to share in my adventure. Instructional DVD. Alechem Shalom David Korup 120 minutes Includes bonus music CD!

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