Mid-East Riq, 8-Inch
Mid-East Riq, 8-Inch RQP08 made in India

Mid-East Riq, 8-Inch

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Riq, 8 Inch (Item Code: RQP08) The riq is used as a traditional instrument in Arabic music. It is important in both folk and classical music and riq players are capable of great subtlety and virtuosity.The frame on this riq is covered inside and out with inlay and it has 8 pairs of small cymbals which are about 4 or 41/2 cm in diameter in 2 rows around the frame. The goat skin is glued on and tightened over the frame and is about 20 cm wide. Made in India. DISCLAIMER: The inlay is applied by hand, and occasionally will be irregular or missing in spots. This is not considered a defect in this item.

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