Mid-East Nevel Harp with Case
Mid-East Nevel Harp with Case HNVL made in Pakistan

Mid-East Nevel Harp with Case

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Very loud biblical harp, 26", 15 nylon strings for the biblical scale. Featuring DuPont hard nylon strings and a metal nut. Includes case and tuning tool. According to Greek mythology, Hermes created a lyre-like instrument from the shell of a large tortoise. He stretched animal hide over the shell opening and attached antelope horns as posts. A similar instrument with a skin soundboard called the bi_gi_nna, is a large eight or ten-string lyre, made of a trapezoidal wooden frame fitted with a skin soundboard. Some believe this is the instrument King David played to temper the ravings of King Saul. The bi_gi_nna's bass vibrations are said to bring peace to the soul. The instrument, associated with the Ethiopian Coptic Church since the 4th century, was played primarily at Christmas and Lent.

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