Mid-East Long Neck Saz, Deluxe
Mid-East Long Neck Saz, Deluxe SAZLD made in Turkey

Mid-East Long Neck Saz, Deluxe

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This long neck saz was hand made in Turkey and is approximately 44/45 inches by 9 inches with 7 strings and has a beautiful glossy finish. Please note: The colors and decorations can vary from those photographed. Accessories Included: Nylon soft caseImportant Specifications:Item Dimensions: 45" L x 10" H x 9" WBody/Bowl: 15.5" L x 10" H x 9" WBody & Neck: The body and neck are made of mahogany and have a gorgeous glossy finish.Soundboard: The soundboard is spruce and has been stained.Sound holes: There are 2 sound holes, one on the bottom of instrument and another on the side that has a swivel cover so it can be easily opened and closed and a microphone can be placed inside.Tuning: LA-RE-SOL or A,D,G (low to high)Tuning Pegs/Levers: There are 7 maple pegs and 3 courses of strings. Course 1 has 3 strings and course 2 and 3 has 2 strings. Frets: 23Nut: Made from maple. Neck at Nut: 1.125" W; Nut: 1" WNeck at Body Joint: 1.25" W Bridge: Made from maple. Strings at Bridge: 1.125" W Scale Length: 33"End peg: Mahogany*NOTE*: Please expect the high gloss finish on the Turkish Saz to show dimples in the light. A perfectly smooth, unblemished finish is nearly impossible to obtain with the technology employed in the Old-World finish process. These are handmade and such dimples are common and unavoidable.

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