Mid-East Lavta, with Soft Case
Mid-East Lavta, with Soft Case LAUT made in Turkey

Mid-East Lavta, with Soft Case

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Lavta, with Soft Case (Item Code: LAUT) The Lavta was popular in the an early 20th century among Greek and Armenian players. The lavta has a body made of solid wood staves, a guitar-like neck with tied movable nylon frets, a ‘mustached' bridge and inlayed rosette. The pegbox is at a sharp angle to the neck, like the oud. The tuning pegs are violin style friction pegs. The Lavta is sometimes called a Laouta (ending in a ) but not a Laouto (ending in o ) which is a different instrument. The Lavta is more of a melody instrument which has a much lower tension on it than a true Laouto. It is played, Like and oud, with a long thin plectrum. There are 7 nylon strings in 4 courses, 3 paired and 1 single. Comes set up for CGDA tuning. Approximately 29 x 12 inches. Soft zippered case included.

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