Mid-East Baglama Saz, Deluxe
Mid-East Baglama Saz, Deluxe SAZD made in Turkey

Mid-East Baglama Saz, Deluxe

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The decorated neck makes this saz standout and the back is covered with veneer. The soundboard is made up of one piece of spruce. The bowl body of this instrument is made of matching medium-tone staves. There are decorative inlays on the collar and around the sound hole on the bottom. The bowl is created out of many (over 20) pieces of mahogany, not one solid piece. This instrument features 7 strings, two courses of 2 and one course of 3. The nylon frets are movable. A nylon case is included. String sets and plectrums are sold separately. Wood coloring and decorations may vary. Approximately 38-40 inches in length, 9-10 inches in width and 10-11 inches in depth. Handmade in Turkey.The most frequently used tuning, from high to low pitch, is: A D G, where A is a 3-string course.*NOTE* Please expect the high gloss finish on the Turkish Saz to show dimples in the light. A perfectly smooth, unblemished, finish is nearly impossible to obtain with the technology employed in the Old-World finish process. These are handmade instruments and such dimples are common and unavoidable.

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