Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Maroon
Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Maroon MDE06-MR made in Egypt

Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Maroon

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This doumbek model is one of the most customary and popular instruments in Egypt and is made in Alexandria. It is 11" wide X 17.75" tall and weighs 9 pounds. It has a standard synthetic head with an 8.5" playing surface that is tuned with 6 tuning bolts in the collar. The aluminum shell is painted maroon with a beautiful mother of pearl mosaic border adding the perfect accent (styles may vary). Tuning tool, padded nylon case and extra standard synthetic head included. Decorations may differ from photo. All mosaic inlays are delicate. It is not uncommon for small pieces of mosaic to dislodge. This is especially true around the edges and on the collar. With a drum's curving surface, this is to be expected. Missing inlay is not considered a defect or blemish. Your drum is unique and small irregularities should just be considered birth marks.

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