Kling-On Ultra Protector, 3 Piece
Kling-On Ultra Protector, 3 Piece EV-3P-U made in USA

Kling-On Ultra Protector, 3 Piece

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Kling-On sells products that protect certain instruments from being scratched and marred by the fingernails of the players and the picks they use. Although dependent on how you play, the EV-3P-U 3 piece, clear protector can be used on our guitars, lutes, ouds, as well as other instruments of the same family that you strum. It is used to protect the sound board between the sound hole and the bridge from scratches and is very thick and durable. The protector is removable and there is no glue based adhesion, so it can be removed and reapplied. You can use the original backing for storage. Use on fully cured finishes.Please also see the EV-3P-C for protection around the same area of sound board. If your playing style is such that it leads to scratches near the sound hole, please see the EV-2P-C. The Kling-On Company developed the first removable, clear vinyl pick guard for classical guitarists. The goal of the design was to protect the guitar tops from being scratched and marred by the fingernails of the players. During the last 20 years, Kling-On has developed many new and innovative products for both classical guitarists and acoustic guitar players. More recently, the Kling-On Company has been selling the Evolution Series. This new line up of products introduces many enhancements over the original product design.

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