G. Rosul Sitar, Pro, 7 String, Single Toomba
G. Rosul Sitar, Pro, 7 String, Single Toomba SS7PG made in India

G. Rosul Sitar, Pro, 7 String, Single Toomba

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This G. Rosul brand, professional quality, single toomba differs form other single toomba sitars in two important ways. First, while most single toomba sitars are strung with 6 main strings this sitar comes strung in the 7-string style; with 5 main, 2 chikari and 11 sympathetic strings. Secondly, this sitar is fully decorated more in keeping with the traditional double toomba sitars than the more simply decorated single toomba sitars. Without the small neck resonator these sitar are less top heavy as compared to the traditional double toomba sitar. This is a cross over style with all the benefits. Approximately 48-49 inches in length. Includes extra string set, mizrabs, information and tuning guide (Book or CD-Rom as stock allows), and nylon case.The G Rosul company was founded 25 years ago. The founder of the G Rosul ghar (house), Mr. Gulam Rosul, was taught the art of making sitars from his father at a very young age and became a master in the craft. His instruments have proven to be very popular with several musicians in India. Today his children carry on the family tradition. Their sitars are renowned for their tonal clarity and easy playability. Decorations and colors will vary. These are all individually made and will be unique.

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