G. Rosul Sitar, Fusion, Electric, Gears
G. Rosul Sitar, Fusion, Electric, Gears STRTEG-D made in India

G. Rosul Sitar, Fusion, Electric, Gears

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Sitar, Fusion, Electric, Gears, G. Rosul. The Electric Fusion Sitar, by G. Rosul, has a fine guitar shape with 11 Sympathetic strings and 7 Main strings with a passive pickup and a standard 1/4 inch jack. Great sitar sound for any fusion band. Easier to transport to gigs than a traditional sitar. The sympathetic strings are tuned with traditional sitar pegs. The 7 main strings are tuned with guitar style geared tuning pegs for ease of tuning and to give this instrument a stream-line look. The neck is outlined with faux mother of pearl inlay and inlay accents. Actual colors and pattern of decorations may vary form the photo. There are 20 brass frets. Made in Mumbai, India, this sitar measures 51 inches long, 13.5 inches wide. Includes extra string set, mizrabs, information and tuning guide, and hard case. Case included measuring 53 X 15.5 X 4.5.

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