EMS Fiona Harp TM, 19 Strings
EMS Fiona Harp TM, 19 Strings HRB19 made in Pakistan

EMS Fiona Harp TM, 19 Strings

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This Harp is approximately 30.5" high and features 19 DuPont hard nylon strings with 19 elegant gold plated cam levers. Strings are color coded Red for C and Blue for F. The range is from F3 to C6. It has a beautiful satin finish on the rosewood frame and the sound board includes a rosewood strip with lace wood on bottom that acts as reinforcement. The high quality Finnish birch plywood soundboard produces a bright voice. The knee and pillar are positioned off center to maintain the vertical alignment of the strings.Accessories Included:1-Extra strings 2-Tuning tool

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