Didjeridu Pine Key of F
Didjeridu Pine Key of F

Didjeridu Pine Key of F

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Didgeridoo, Pine, Key of F by Tree Thump Didj Co. One-of-a-kind hand-carved pine didgeridu in the key of F. A snappy, light, free-blowing didj with a perfect octave first overtone. Great vocals, and very easy to get huge pitch bend effects. The deep mahogany finish and etched bands make this didgeridoo look really sharp!

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Made in USA by Tree Thump Didj Co. -- Listen to this didj --

Key: F
Horn Tones: F, D
Mouthpiece: 1.4 inches (inner diameter), carved wood
Bell: 4.5 inches (outer diameter), 3.3 inches (inner diameter)
Length: 4 feet 9 inches
Wood: Pine

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