BATISH Introduction To Tabla, DVD
BATISH Introduction To Tabla, DVD VBT1 made in USA

BATISH Introduction To Tabla, DVD

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Shri Ashwin Batish starts this Tabla video from the very basics. This is a Must Have for every tabla student. The Tabla drum set has become the staple percussion diet of the Indian music scene. Although today it has found a permanent home in the classical music tradition of North India, it has also been the rhythm instrument of choice in folk and film music. This video deals with: Names of various drum parts - Bayan, Dayan, Pudi, Gatta, Gajara, etc.; Care of your Tabla set; Sitting Position; Tuning the Tabla; Proper left and right hand positions; Some important Tabla and Dagga sounds and their production; Combination sounds; Simple exercises. The program Duration is 65 minutes, DVD.

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