BATISH Introduction To Sitar, DVD
BATISH Introduction To Sitar, DVD VBS1 made in USA

BATISH Introduction To Sitar, DVD

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Sitar master Shri Ashwin Batish starts this video from the very basics. Illustrating steps that are very important even for the initiated. Topics covered are: Sitar Paraphernalia; Half-lotus Sitting Position; Right and Left Hand Positions; Note Production; The Two Layers of Strings explained; Indian Sargam Note Names; Tuning of Top Strings (PA/SA); Tuning of Sympathetic Strings; The Mizrab; Sitar parts; Closeup of accessories box; How to move sitar frets; Learning Indian music vs learning the sitar; and A short performance. Makes a great gift for any student of Sitar. Program duration: 65 minutes. DVD

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